Sunday, April 13, 2014

Days of Our Gym: Gym Friends and Listening to Dr. Knee

In this episode of Days of Our Gym, I really didn't expect to have such a great workout. My knee is still bothering me, and it was actually very sore and swollen yesterday, despite resting it. So what happiness could actually happen at the gym? It turns out -- a *LOT* of happiness!

I did not go to gym on Saturday, because even gentle yoga last week aggravated my knee. So no yoga at all this week. My gym buddies told me to take this knee healing very seriously. It is better to skip a lot of gym for long time than to have a permanently bum knee. And I take that advice to heart because these people are my friends, and they care about me!

So on Sunday, I did go to the gym, knowing that I was doing *nothing* involving my legs or bum knee. And I expected that to be sort of glum, but it wasn't. I had time in between upper body weightlifting sets, because I could not do my usual lap walking or leg exercises, so I had time to enjoy my friends!

The first thing that happened was that a gym buddy was using the cage I wanted to use for chin-ups. And I asked him if I could work a few sets of chin-ups in. And he was so happy to do that! There is something so wonderful about cooperation among people who weight lift. It is so happy to remember that friends *do* want to do little favors for you. They really do! And when you ask for a favor, you get active friendship from them. Nice! :-)

My friend who is the exercise physiologist told me to keep icing my knee at least 2 times per day and keep taking ibuprofen. Sound advice, and I could also look past the instruction and see the caring. None of us like each other in pain or injury.

And nothing like limping around, to notice all other people who are limping around. We mutually felt cheerful sympathy for each other.

I must have said "hi" to at least 20 gym buddies today, as I passed them by at gym. It's really nice to feel so much community. When I'm really focused on my workout, I sometimes forget to appreciate all of the good vibes around me!

There was a metal weightlifting pin that was broke in half on the gym window sill. I took half and joked, "Who's handiwork is this???" A gym buddy answered with a funny smile, "Oh, that would be me." Apparently, the metal had just snapped.  Some other gym buddies periodically stopped to joke around with me, with us all feeling okay with ourselves. It's not really what gets said, as much as the fun attitude surrounding it.

So I did get a good upper body workout in, while just enjoying people quite a lot. I accomplished enjoying the moment, as it unfolded in ways better than I could expect. The only way for that to happen is to let go of resentment of my bum knee issues and seek out the good of the situation, which I did.

What do *you* think? How important is having gym buddies to you? How do you keep your spirit up when you have to sit gym out for an injury? And, of course, anything else you'd like to say.

Have a Super Day!!!

:-) Marion


  1. Hi Marion, I haven't been to my own Gym in about 60 days. However, I've been working out lately with 4 members of my gym that are doing Spartan - does that count? We are all very supportive of each other and having a good time. I had my own leg injuries last week. The right leg feels good now, and the left leg isn't 100 percent but getting there. I am giving the legs time off so I don't injure them. I skipped todays trail run for example. Anyway, have a good week!

  2. I'm so sorry you are in so much pain... :(

  3. I'm not as devoted to the gym as you are, Marion as I tend to do most of my cardio outdoors, particularly cycling. The people at my local gym seem a friendly lot.

  4. I agree about the sense of community at the gym! It's nice when I've been gone a few days to have people ask, "Where've you been?!" I also love when I'm at the grocery store or the library or something and I see people who look familiar and they ask, "Hey don't you work out at the In Shape on Hammer Lane...?" and I get to have a fun conversation outside the gym. :)

    Would recumbent biking be too much for your knee? After my mom's knee replacement surgeries that was the only cardio okay'd by her doctors. She felt like it strengthened her knees a lot. Definitely take your healing seriously, though. You'll be back at it before you know it!

  5. Working out with others is HUGE for me. That Is why I was attracted to things like Jazzercise and CrossFit. The community is as important to me as the workout. I love all the happiness!! Take care of that knee. :-)

  6. I love my gym friends..though usually when I am working out I don't socialize much but before and after is always fun :) and I love the feeling of belonging to a group of people who think like me and understand me..
    I really hope your knee heals soon, take care and I hope you get back to perfect health soon :)

  7. It's cool how your gym buddies lifted your spirit. I have a bruised coccyx at the moment so some exercises is off limit as well. Taking anti inflammatory meds as well.

  8. I loved this post :) I think I need more gym buddies and to feel less anxious being around so May people, thanks for reminding me :)


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