Sunday, April 27, 2014

Days of Our Gym: Being A Caretaker and Role Model for Health and Fitness

I guess that this Days of Our Gym is part of the emerging theme of my life in general. In all aspects of life--Every good thing, I wish upon others around me. It is a beautiful way to live life.

To  those teen guys who are weightlifting, I encourage them to see themselves as "the best." To have exercise form of steel, because excellent exercise form is a posture of great self-confidence. Excellent physical posture immediately increases self-esteem. To have great psych-ups for the best results. I can teach these young guys to fire themselves up to be great! What we can do for these young people is to tell them that we see glimpses of something great in them. That matters.

Apparently, when I encourage the teens and young guys, the older guys are listening too! I was told last week by a friend that he upped his own standard of exercise after hearing what I told a teen guy. Because us adults need encouragement too!

When we encourage people at the gym, we are not only encouraging that certain person. We are also encouraging everyone around them. We are further encouraging people to encourage others. The positive ripple spreads far!

(To *you*--I hope you spread this positive ripple into your own community in your own state or your own country! And in your own community to people who matter to you! Together, *we* can spread positive ripples across the globe! It's a powerful thing!)

Today, I told an older gym buddy that her long stretching was excellent and that it would keep her tendons and ligaments stretchier--to keep her feeling so much younger! She smiled a big grin. She said, "You know what you are? You're a caretaker of people around you!" And that was a beautiful compliment because I don't know if I've ever put it into those kinds of words, but yes, that is very important to who I am. Half of what I do at the gym is not exercise! It is positive interactions with people to make them feel wonderful about themselves! Self-love is a beautiful thing, and we can help initiate and/or encourage self-love in people around us!

More subtle things we can do is to share our equipment with others in a happy and fun way! I get awfully sick of all the complaining about gym equipment use by others, when all of these situations are opportunities to make new friends! I've shared weightlifting equipment so many times lately and, even the mere offer to share is such a warm and friendly act.

Little actions like being aware of people's need for space around you is greatly appreciated. If someone accidentally places his weights right in front of yours, make it a moment to say--"I enjoy working out by you! I can move over a bit!"

It is the synergy of many positive people getting fit together which makes the gym so happy for me! The dynamics! I was telling a friend today that I like my Sunday gym experience more than any holiday! It is so enjoyable with no lofty expectations. No materialism or unhealthy eating. Just all of us having fun and feeling delightful in being ourselves!

Regarding my workout, it was incredible! My parallel grip chin-ups (with a bit of leg motion) were a personal best: 10, 8, 7, 7, 7.  In the past, I've had a 5 or 6 in that progression, but I'm learning to keep focus for an extra chin-up when I'm pretty tired already. Today, one of the big weightlifting guys said, "I'm still so impressed that you are able to do that!" (Well, last year, it took 11 months to get the first chin-up accomplished.) Another gym buddy told me today, "It's your balancing that is the most difficult thing you do." I think I got so good at balancing because it is delightful!

At the gym, we must not be afraid to let our light shine bright while we exercise. This is not arrogance, but the most useful form of role modeling. Many people have told me that they are often inspired by exercises I do. And how I act regarding exercise. The most important thing they can learn from me is that exercise can definitely be joyful! And poetic, and an art form of our own selves. And super fun!

What do *you* think? Thanks, by the way, for your very supportive comments on my last post. Some of you definitely deserve big hugs from me! :-)

Have a Delightful Day!

:-) Marion


  1. Love it that you're encouraging people at the gym. This is why I read your blog. You touch so many lifes with your motivation and encouragement and mine through your blog. Thanks and keep doing what you're doing please.

    1. Hi Marleen, Thanks so much!!! That means so much to me to hear this from you! <3

  2. I love your attitude, I seriously wish when I have as much experience as you in the gym I can also be like you :)
    for the past few months I have been helping one girl in her workouts I consider myself still a newbie in the gym but one day I really hope I get to the point you are in the gym

    1. Hi Tanvee, I think I was in the gym about 3 years before I became the way I am now. Part of it is because after 3 years, I stopped having hardly any personal bests to pep me up. Further, I realized that getting better was no longer the goal for me either. I started working with others for a new way to invigorate my enthusiasm for fitness, particularly for weightlifting. Tanvee, you are still in the thick of developing your own self in the gym, with many new experiences and personal bests to come for yourself. But I am very confident that you will develop into a great encourager and mentor in your gym. :-)

  3. Encouragement, supportive, being positive - it all helps no matter what our age, fitness level etc.

    All the best Jan

  4. I do agree that if you are able to encourage people at the's a great thing....personally I still have an issue talking to people other than my trainer and a few others at the gym....but I am getting to the point that I am accepting others' encouragement....

  5. Encouragement, role modeling, positive feedback all seem to be big parts of your personality. I imagine you always having a huge smile in the gym!


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