Monday, December 16, 2013

January Jeans 2014: Plan on Healthy Snacks and Never Give Up

**Today's tips**

Pledge not to say "I give up" with your holiday eating.

Every day is a new day. Even if you overeat on certain days during the holiday season, be mature enough to realize that you can stop any time you choose to. Don't give up on your health, even if you feel despair. The sooner you stop overeating, the less damage it does.

Never ever ever give up. Each little choice of healthy eating matters. All through each day. The more good choices, the better your results will be.

Put fruit or other healthy snacks out on the kitchen counter top where you see them right away (and holiday treats far away in sealed containers).

You are more likely to eat what is staring up at you, when you enter the kitchen. Close and seal high calorie treats and put them away in an inconvenient place, like a very high shelf. (I have a 9 foot high shelf in my pantry that requires a stepping stool to get up to it. Kind of scary, and I usually don't want a treat that much.) Putting treats in metal cake pans with metal covers and other types of non-appetizing containers has also helped me.

This tips works wonders for me all year long, but especially when high calorie treats, such as holiday food is around. Guess what I'll be doing this morning? Placing apples and oranges in a bowl on the kitchen counter top.

What do *you* think? What snacks to you put on the kitchen counter top? What would you tell a person to say to themselves to recommit to eating well, if they fell off the wagon for holiday eating?

Have a wonderful day!

:-) Marion


  1. I am absolutely not goona give up and go hog wild I am still off plan and doin portion control , I decided to play it by ear (it's working so far lost 5 pounds ) until after Christmas, NOT doin a new years resolution gonna go back on plan 100% on the 28th.

  2. Yes, having healthy snacks in sight does work. We always have fruit out, and right now there are apples. persimmons, bananas, and clementines.

    I think of every meal as an opportunity to make better choices. I think it's important not to beat yourself up and not to be too strict at your next meal, as that can backfire. I always eat lots of greens, but if I've over-indulged a bit, greens are especially important. I like making green smoothies with lots of greens and eating a big salad.It always makes me feel better, and I have read that the nutrients in greens actually help with food cravings (it seems to work for me).

  3. I have apples, bananas and tangerines sitting on my counter. It helps to have them out, where they can be seen and readily available for those times when you need something to eat NOW.

    Recommitting to healthy eating when you fallen off the wagon....Don't let one bad choice turn into a week's worth of bad choices.

  4. I put some cut up pears in the fridge so that everytime I cruised for a snack, I could grab a slice. :)

  5. Funny, I do the same: healthy foods easily accessible (fruit on the countertop, protein bars in my home office), and less healthy choices away in a high cupboard (cookies and stuff).

    I also try to have simple yet healthy habits in my routine, like drinking a tall glass of water as soon as I get up.

    This works! :-)

  6. My fridge is kind of bare now. Yesterday I was trying to find a healthy snack. I don't like to have more than two servings of fruit a day, but yesterday I had frozen grapes in my smoothie, an orange with lunch and last night some applesauce. Until I bake my cranberry pie, there are no holiday treats in the house. That certainly helps.

    This morning I did another scan of the fridge and saw that I have some hummus and celery. That should be a good mid-morning snack. I really need to grocery shop soon!

  7. I love that very first paragraph where you say that one can be mature about the over eating and stop yourself. My mom have put out a tin of cookies yesterday and I had 3 cookies. When I was obese, I usually had 15 cookies in one go. Yesterday I made myself stop after 3 cookies - I was mature enough to stop :) Yay me!
    So totally love that first paragraph.

  8. great post as usual...overtime I think we do become mature enough to stop..sometimes even I can't believe how I manage to stop or not start atall :)
    fruits is one good thing I always have around it helps with the sweet tooth :)


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