Sunday, December 8, 2013

January Jeans 2014: Members and Links (I'll add you if I missed you--just tell me!)

Here is my current list of assorted bloggers and friends in the January Jeans Club 2014. Sorry if I missed your name on this list. More and more I see the January Jeans Club badge popping up on blogs, and I'm going to try to link to all of those I've seen, but sometimes I seem to be on a different planet.  If I missed you--Just tell me...and tell me the link--I'll add you on!

So here's my current member list/links for January Jeans Club 2014. Today, for January Jeans, click on someone else's link(s) and say hi! I've tried to add countries and states when I knew them--isn't it cool how international and diverse we are--and yet with so much in common! This is a particularly committed group--many of us have transformed our health and/or are well on the way:
  • Satu from Finland
  • Natalie from Australia
  • Ayesha from Kuwait
  • Amy from Belgium
  • Tanvee from United Kingdom
  • Marleen from Country of South Africa 
  • Lynda from New Zealand
  • Leigh from Canada 
  • Julie from Canada  
  • Aimee from U.S.--Massachusetts 
  • Karen from U.S.--California
  • Amy (my cousin!) from U.S.--Nevada (Joined on Facebook)
  • Laura from U.S.--New Jersey
  • Caron from U.S.--Arizona
  • Running Stitches from U.S.--Georgia
  • Carrie from U.S.--Colorado 
  • Donna from U.S.-- Georgia (Joined on Facebook)
  • Andrea from U.S.--California
  • Leslie from U.S.--
  • Nikki
  • Monique from U.S.--California
  • Veera from U.S.--New York
  • Gwen
  • Vickie from U.S.--Indiana 
  • Sheila
  • Kelly
  • Lynn
  • Linda S. from U.S.--TOPS friend from Wisconsin (Joined on Facebook)
  • Marion (me) from U.S.--Wisconsin
Jen B, Connie O., Michele, PJ Geek, Kyra, E. Jane,--I thought of all of you, thinking that you told me you did join, but--now I'm unsure. I don't want to link if you don't want it. So let me know, okay? I can add/link you so easily!

Anyone else I forgot--please forgive me. I *do* feel like I missed someone. Just that niggling feeling. Sorry! When I do 1900 girls names quizzes on Sporcle, I sometimes forget to put my own name as an answer, so that's me. Just comment below and I'll get it updated. :D

Have a great day! (I got a new vacuum cleaner--early opened Christmas present--with the most suction-y attachment ever! So I'm happily cleaning the house today after my weightlifting.) 

:-) Marion 

p.s. Yes, you can still join! Just comment below that you want to join and I'll put you on the list.


  1. What a great group of women, and I'm off to find some new blog friends among them! Thanks, Marion!

  2. Thanks Marion - nice to be here representing New Zealand :) I'll do my best!!

  3. Sorry if my link didn't work, my name is Veera, here's the address: -- I grew up and live in NYC, but my mom's side of the family is from Finland.

  4. Thanks for the comments! To Lynn and Veera, I update the links above. Thanks for telling me. :D

  5. How cool to have such an international group!! :)

  6. Thanks Marion! Representing Canada with Julie!!!! Awesome:) Gonna do my country proud!

  7. this is such a nice group :) thank you for putting it all together Marion :)

  8. I did not officially join the JJC, mainly because I am too lazy to figure out how to add the logo to my blog. But I'm paying close attention to your updates and suggestions and will check out some of these other bloggers.

  9. Thanks for the link, Marion!!! :)

  10. So, how does it work? Do we stuff ourselves with the biggest holiday meal ever, take a pic of ourselves wearing too small jeans (ideally should show a muffin top), then take the same picture again in a couple weeks hoping that the muffin top has disappeared?

    Hahah, just kidding. :-)

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