Tuesday, December 3, 2013

January Jeans 2014: Bake Holiday Recipes and Buy Treats That Aren’t Your Favorites

For today, consider this: Bake and Buy Treats That Aren’t Your Favorites.

There are bound to be family favorites that don’t trigger your cravings. Strategically buy and make others' favorite treats that don’t strongly appeal to you--you know, like a Cookie Monster. I've often been amazed at how often getting a different brand of candy (for Halloween) or ice cream, that I didn't particularly enjoy has made *all* the difference. 

The same goes for holiday recipes too. Don't tempt yourself.  Bake and buy holiday treats that aren't your favorites. My family has so many favorites that they don't actually care about missing out on my personal favorites. They told me that it's fine! They always come up with something they like to eat.

What do *you* think? How do you handle this situation? Are you baking and buying treats that aren't you favorites? How does your family react? 

Have a Great Day! 

:-) Marion


  1. I do this! But now that we're ALL trying to eat healthier since my husband wants to lose weight and my daughter needs to be careful, now that option is off to table too! But aside from that, absolutely! :)

  2. Great idea, and I often do that! Thanks for pointing it out!

  3. We buy individual servings. A wide range so sizes are available in the stores we shop. And each person can then have what they truly want.

    As for baking, we tend to only make things when they are going somewhere else (party at school, etc) and each person (at home) who wants some, gets one serving.

    So there is no stash at our house.

    The kids and my husband watch it pretty much as carefully as I do. My kids do not want to put on extra weight that they then have to worry about or work to take off later. My husband is within 2lbs of his high school athlete weight and likes to keep it that way.

  4. I think that's a very good idea!

    I used to bake cookies and some bread once in a while for the boys, and since I can't eat gluten they never were an issue for me. However, I really want them to eat fewer grains and less gluten, too, so I started baking some gluten-free and grain-free cookies and bread, so now I have to be more careful as they are actually really good...

  5. Sadly I am beyond such diversions. If my mind is on sugar and I am harboring ill will, anger or sadness - I will eat rainbow colored unicorn crap if it has sugar in it.

    I always hated pfeffernusse cookies until one day that was the only cookie available. Last year I tried to convince myself that if that was the only cookie available, I would be safe. I was not safe.

    My family is giving me the gift of a no-cookie Christmas this year. That is a blessing beyond compare for my Christmas cheer.

    At parties I avoid the dessert table in favor of conversation with like minded adults. I have found there are real people out there who really do not like or eat dessert. It is amazing.

  6. This worked at Halloween for me. I didn't eat one candy because I really didn't like the kind I bought. I am putting off baking and baking less so that the temptation will not be there too long. Also, whatever is left will be going home with others.

  7. The amount of desserts that my family members make for holidays is insane. For instance, this Thanksgiving we had thirteen at table and six different forms of dessert. I opted to not bake and it was not missed. I don't think I'll need to bake for Christmas either :) More time to pursue other interests!

  8. Not having yummy treats in the house is definitely important for me. However, there are stray treats at home now, and I need to be extra strong to stay away from them!

  9. I'm not baking cookies this year. I'm not all that great at it anyway. Don't get me wrong they taste delicious, but aesthetically many are not gift worthy so I end up with an abundance of treats. My husband doesn't really eat sweets and my son tires of them quickly. Any baking I do will be healthy and vegan.


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